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The Teacher

1 (155) 2018

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Krzysztof Ziegler

Graduated from The University of Economics

(2001) and AdamMickiewicz University in Poznań

(2011) but teaches English that has become his

greatest interest and passion. He teaches in Stare

Bojanowo in the Province of Greater Poland.

Liga Międzygimnazjalna


Krzysztof Ziegler


ear Teachers. If I say „test” or „competition”

what springs to mind? Detailed requirements

concerning vocabulary, grammar, bits of

cultural information? A typical day in the life of

a language teacher, is it not? But let me tell you

about the competition in our school in Stare

Bojanowo in the province of Greater Poland that we

held at the end of October. We had called it “Liga

Międzygimnazjalna – English? Deutsch – żaden

problem!” All the language teachers in the school

teamed up with the thought of going beyond

traditional tests. Students have to take ones all the

time, do they not?

The basic language skills were obviously indispensable

but what we wanted to do first was to make our

competitors use this knowledge creatively and

spontaneously. Why not show them that they can just

have fun with languages? We thought about English

and German because these foreign languages are

taught in our school. Our competition was targeted at

teenagers aged 13-15, i.e. the three oldest age groups

of teenagers in our school. The teams of our four

nearest schools also took part. Here they are (with

the names of their teams and in the order of final

standings starting from the winners): Czacz (



Śmigiel (

Annie’s Angels

), Stare Bojanowo (



) and Bronikowo (

Beautiful and Young

). The whole

event had the following 8 stages.

Introducing the team in a short presentation.

The particular teams presented themselves to the

jury and the audience. In order to do so they could

put on special clothes, say something funny, sing

a fragment of a song or do whatever they wished.


The time limit was 90 seconds, though! We

could see for example an elegant dark jacket

of a boy contrasted with white blouses of the

girls of

Beautiful and Young

or kind looks of two

angelic girls contrasted with a stern gaze of the

accompanying boy in disguise of a little devil. They


Annie’s Angels

as one could easily figure out.

Jigsaw puzzle. The contestants received

envelopes with separate pieces of a photo

representing one of the famous landmarks of

English- or German-speaking countries. Firstly,

the students had to fix them together and the

first team to do it got 5 points, the second

4 points and so on. If they managed to identify

the place, they were given extra 2 points.

Identifying the solutions: Buckingham Palace

in London and Reichstag in Berlin sometimes

turned out to be not as difficult as fixing

the pieces together.