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1 (155) 2018

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Saying tongue twisters properly. The bank

of the tongue twisters was provided to the

schools beforehand and a randomly chosen

contestant from each team was requested to

say (or rather: read) two tongue twisters as

properly and quickly as possible. The first one

in English and the other one in German. They

had two tries to do it. If they succeeded the first

time round, they scored 5 points. If they missed

the next time either, they got no points. The

maximum score for Tongue twisters was 10

points then. These tasks proved hard enough

not to let any team reach the peak of 10 points.

Building dialogues in everyday situations and

places. Apart from the points given by the Jury

for meeting the criteria properly on the scale of

1-6, students could get extra points for reciting

their dialogues by heart. Fortunately, all the

teams managed to meet the requirements of

their tasks but it was worth noticing that



Annie’s Angels

recited all their lines by heart

and reached the maximum number of points.

A representative chosen by each team had to

read a short passage. This time the goal was

to do it smoothly and without unnecessary

hesitations. One of the competitors (from

Cinnamon Rolls

) especially impressed the Jury

by her reading of both the texts scoring 10

points and causing the Jury to nod their heads

in admiration.

Draw my picture. The contestants were

equipped with some stationery items such as

traditional pencils, coloured pencils, felt tips

and others and their task was to draw the

picture described by one of the members of

the Jury. They could not see the picture but they

had to rely solely on their listening abilities.

Each team had the right to ask one question

after listening of the description. Needless to

say, it was not the beauty of the drawing that

mattered most but including all the details in

students ‘drawing.

Describe it! One person from each team used

actions or words to define a word and the task

of the other two was to figure out what it was.

Every guessed word gave the team one point.

The words involved animals, places, activities

or things of everyday life. Some physical acting

out the answers as a last resort to define the

word brought students desired points and

caused spontaneous bursts of laughter of the

audience and the Jury as well.

Karaoke – as one could imagine, participants

sang songs and could dress up or put on

various clothes to steal the attention of the

audience. It is worth mentioning that it was not

the beauty of the song itself that matteredmost

but the performance itself. The performers

could obtain as much as 10 points for this

competition. The audience was enthralled with

the performance of Jagoda from



singing Ariana Grande’s –“One Last Time”

and Adam from

Annie’s Angels


Passenger’s “Let Her Go”. The more so that the

voices of “our” performers sounded immensely

similar to the original!

In order to keep all the supporters amused all along

the contest, they had the chance to do a special

crossword and then to throw their answers to

a special basket. This year they were only English

words. Out of these crosswords, the Jury randomly

chose one sheet, and the author won a surprise

prize - an English reader to improve his or her

readings skills.

The award ceremony was organised in collaboration

with local authorities and the Chairman of the

Municipality and the Communal Office in the town

of Śmigiel. The whole event enjoyed acclaim from

the viewers as well as the Chief Expert from the

Centre of Professional Development for Teachers in

Leszno, who served as the Chairman of the Jury.