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5 (139) 2016
aswellas toopenyourownschool”, saysSenior
Teacher Trainer at MAŁA LINGUAHeadOffice,
Karolina Kępska, “your creativity is always
appreciatedandawarded inMAŁALINGUA,but
How can a Teacher Trainer and
a Language Teacher find their inspiring
Having their own licensed language school
for children and teenagers MAŁA LINGUA
& LINGUA TEENS SPACE or teaching in one
of such schools is for a teacher trainer and
a language teacher a great opportunity
to create their own brand, to encourage
their personal growth and to gain further
professional qualifications, like for example:
either thecompetenceof an inspiringFantastic
Teacher or the entrepreneurial abilities
of a Fantastic School Owner.
„CreateYour Efficiency&Grow!”
Every day we try to encourage language
teachers to try their hands at participating
in our employee incentive program. We find
it very important for our teachers and
teacher trainers to be personally motivated
to develop their teaching skills, as this is what
guarantees the highest quality of their lessons.
“Ifyouareawareof thewayyou teach, youdo it
inanefficient andengagingway, youmay start
your long-range cooperationwithourNetwork
of language schools. Wewill give youmultiple
opportunities to createyourbrand, yourCV, to
build on your expertise in language teaching
methods, to write new teaching publications,
Novelties inELT:
“Children’s flavours
of theworld, theBlabbers' travels”
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