The Teacher 187

14 The Teacher  1-2 (187) 2022 Methods Gamification Part 2 Małgorzata Kowalska Gamification introduces game elements to i.e., educational environment. It aims to increase motivation in students, which is expected to improve their overall academic performance. As widely known, people these days engage with technology practically every day. It has become an inseparable element of everyday life. Thus, introducing it to the academic surroundings is an exciting and practical tool. ❶ Setting up a point system Introducing challenges that every student needs to accomplish to gain points, or other types of rewards increase motivation. Such a system is open to creativity. Points do not always need to be ‘points.’ For example, in the apps used to learn languages, points are represented by different objects. In a popular application called Duolingo, traditional points are replaced with diamonds, while in, for example, Busuu, points are presented as Małgorzata Kowalska Małgorzata Kowalska holds a Ph.D. in linguistics. Her research domain encompasses selected issues connected with new trends in the teaching of English supported with modern technologies. For the aims of having an investigative praxis, she works at Cyprian Kamil Norwid Secondary School No. 3 in Rzeszow.             