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15 The Teacher  1-2 (187) 2022 Methods              ❯❯❯ berries. Points can also be represented by the number of words understood, or applied, a number of classes attended, a number of written sentences in homework assignment. In the Oxford Big Read, points are represented by the number of written and read words, which motivates students to read and write even more. There many different ideas for creating a point representation system. Points and other rewards such as stickers, a student’s name on a leader board, etc. can be awarded for hard work, additional tasks, a good behavior – students can practically be awarded for everything associated with their academic performance. It is important to keep in mind that such a system needs to be visible for students. After all, it is about the appreciation for their efforts and the motivation for their further work. Awarding points is flexible, and it can involve the work of an individual or a group. For example, for groups - a good idea would be to award its members with individual badges: a badge for the best speaker, best analyst, best leader or/and a group award, for example, for the best communication between the members, or just for the overall best performance. When it comes to individuals, badges can be awarded for the best creative ideas, best communication skills, the highest score in tests, the best attendance, and many others. The academic features taking under consideration while awarding badges or points should be, for example, knowledge of specific words and their meanings; the ability to present work in a clear, understandable and interesting way; the ability to analytical, logical and critical thinking – it can be notice, for example, while carrying out a discussion; points for individual, original and creative thinking; the overall attitude towards other members of the classroom. When it comes to groups, they can be evaluated, for example, by their quality of visual communication between group members within the group and between groups as a whole; ability to motivate and lead other group members; ability to cooperate in order achieve all desired goals for the group. IMPORTANT: ◊ Every academic feature taken into consideration must be consistent with the core curriculum. ◊ These points and badges can be awarded multiple times and to more than one person. In this way, everyone gets a chance to taste the winning, and it creates an equal and fair contest.