The Teacher 187

16 The Teacher  1-2 (187) 2022 Methods To create a rich and playful environment that can motivate students to come prepared for the lessons, teachers can ask students to create their badges: ① Ask each student to design a particular badge with one characteristic, e.g., ‘the funny one.’ They can create it using Word, Adobe Illustrator, or other programs. Or, if there is no access to computers, they can do it on a piece of paper. ② Discuss each badge with the whole group. ③ Print the badges or collect them from students. ④ At the end of each week, carry out a discussion with the whole group on whom do they think deserves a particular badge. ⑤ When the whole groups finally make the decision, ask the awarded students to do something related to the badge they have been awarded. For example, a person with the badge for ‘the creative one’ can be asked to create something that expresses their creativity; a person with the badge that says ‘the funny one’ can be asked to prepare a joke to present in front of the rest of a class. Make sure that every badge says something positive! ❯❯❯ The Topic Photo activity It can be a practical and creative activity in a classroom where students are taught foreign languages. Example – the English lesson. ① Split the group of students into 5 teams. ② Hand each team a different color pen. ③ Write the names of members of each team on the board. ④ Present 5 pictures to students and make sure that there is a piece of paper divided into 5 sections by each picture. ⑤ Ask each group to stand in front of one picture. ⑥ Ask each group to write as many English words as they can think of in relation to the picture. Give them 5 minutes. ⑦ Once they have done this, ask each group to move towards the next picture. Give them time to read the words written by the previous group. ⑧ Now, ask each group to write as many words as they can think of concerning the picture, but they MUST be different than words written by the group of a different color. ⑨ Keep asking students to repeat the activity until every group has written their set of words under every picture.