The Teacher 187

17 The Teacher  1-2 (187) 2022 Methods              ⑩ Ask each group to read aloud their set of English words. ⑪ Count the words up and award each group with points concerning the number of words they have written. ⑫ The best group does not have to do the next homework assignment. This particular activity has the potential to develop the abilities of brainstorming, quick and precise communication, analytical, and logical thinking. It teaches how to work as a team, but also allows working individually within a group. ❷ Gamification software/applications Gimkit There are many useful applications that can help teachers to gamify their classrooms. One of them is Gimkit. It is useful while creating quizzes, which can be a fun way to educate students and help them to gain skills such as: making quick decisions in an increasingly stressful environment, ability to use the adrenaline for their best. Gimkit advertises itself by saying that they are a game show for the classroom environment that needs collaboration, knowledge, and a strategy to win. The gamification element in Gimkit is that students for every correct answer earn ‘virtual cash,’ but when they answer incorrectly- they need to pay. Users can also spend their ‘in-app’ money for upgrades and powerups. In this particular app, virtual money is the prize – the concept of money itself motivated students. This application can also be used for homework assignments as it generates feedback with details on what the students need to work on. Teachers of foreign languages can create a quiz based on finishing the sentence with a correct word, or a word in one language that needs to be translated. It can improve their ability of decision making and trusting their instincts. Classcraft Another example of a useful application for gamifying classrooms is called Classcraft. This one is especially practical for the teamwork. Each student is asked to create their own ❯❯❯