The Teacher 187

18 The Teacher  1-2 (187) 2022 Methods avatar with special powers, and then they work together towards living by the classroom rules and keeping the team spirit alive. If one breaks the rule, the whole team suffers – for example, by ignoring a deadline. The whole point of this game is that students can earn or lose points by following or ignoring the rules. For example, a student who is kind to other students and helps them with their homework earns a certain amount of points, which advantages the whole team. If they have enough points, they can use certain powers such as the warrior who can consume food in class. This game also involves punishment for not following the rules which can be presented, for example, by asking students to finish their assignment earlier. Teachers have a special feature, and they can choose every power and punishment. Also, the game contains i.e., the quiz in which the avatars have to challenge the ‘boss.’ Beating the boss demands to answer questions correctly from the students. Such activity can help to build a connection between team members – they have to work together towards success. A spelling and grammar quiz can be an ideal form of learning and thinking. Challenging teacher can be tough, but common, who does not want to challenge their teacher? ❯❯❯ Minecraft All people know Minecraft. Probably, everyone as a child or a teenager has played this game even for a minute. It is incredibly creative and addictive. Introducing this game to the classroom demands imagination and the general idea from the teachers on how to use this game in the best way to teach. How to start? ① Find out about Minecraft – Education Edition. This special edition included tools useful for teachers to imply this game to their classroom. ② Create a discussion with students on what do they like about Minecraft. Focus on aspects such as critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity. The answers of the students should help to create a strategy of using Minecraft as the teaching tool. ③ Watch YouTube tutorials, search for blogs that describe Minecraft, and its possibilities. ④ There are many worlds to choose from in Minecraft – ask a student what worlds they value and decide together on which one to choose.