The Teacher 187

19 The Teacher  1-2 (187) 2022 Methods              ⑤ Ask a student to create a poster or other form of work to present the rules of playing Minecraft together. Talk about stealing each other’s ideas and work. ⑥ Create a lesson. It is open to an endless amount of creative ideas. Here is one: ask a student to build a city and to populate it with citizens. They can also ‘move-in’ to the blocks created by teachers outside the city – it depends on their level of experience. Once this task is finished, ask students to write a detailed life story of the citizens living in their buildings. It challenges their creativity and helps to build more expanded and rich vocabulary. Minecraft has been used by various teachers to create different types of lessons focusing on different aspects. For example, Benjamin Kelly created a lesson that centered its focus on empathy. Minecraft created a series of wildfire conservation challenges, and Education Edition uses it to explore concepts such as land-use conflict. Stephen Reid introduces the emotional and challenging subject of the child refugee crisis by creating a Minecraft world in which students were able to see and experience the world from the child refugee perspective. Kahoot! Last but not least – Kahoot!. It uses tools such as images, sounds, colors to build excitement within students. It is mainly useful for creating a quiz, for example, on vocabulary. It includes a timer, which gives a limited time to answer each question. It makes users think quicker while choosing answers. They can learn how to deal with and control the increasing stress that comes together with tasks that allow only a short amount of time for completing. Every time a user answers a question correctly, a certain amount of points is being awarded to them. They can also get some extra points for answering quicker than other members of the game. Students can feel motivated by seeing their scores going up. They can work either individually or as a team. In each situation, the rules are the same – points for every question answered correctly and additional points for the quickest, correct answer. These platforms are good for activity and progress tracking. They make progress visible, which is extremely important when it comes to gamification in classrooms. Awards for the user’s effort make them feel motivated and appreciated, which can contribute to the increasing level of self-esteem. The important ❯❯❯