The Teacher 187

21 The Teacher  1-2 (187) 2022 Methods              “Canvas has everything I look for in an LMS. It has empowered me to increase and improve my teaching by allowing me to engage students both inside and outside of class while also allowing me to take my differentiation to a completely different level. They know from the second they take a quiz what they did well and what they need to work on.” – Kaitlyn Miller, a teacher at the Big Horn County School District.  There is also an option that allows students to create and upload their videos as a part of the project. Teachers can watch it and comment at any time in a video timeline, which makes it easier to ‘put’ comments in different parts of the video. How to start? ① First, go to their website and read about their features, reviews, what is so unique about this platform that will make teaching and learning experience outstanding. ② As soon as there a decision to use this platform, carry out a formative assessment to find out at what level your students are – you can find information on their website on how to do it using specially constructed quizzes. ③ As Canvas provides personalized learning, once it is known at what level the students are, place them on individual learning paths. ④ Instant feedback – it is essential to provide instant feedback during the academic journey of students. Canvas SpeedGrader helps teachers to give students feedback that is needed for them to develop their academic skills further. Study case carried out at the Lethbridge College in Canada in 2014. It showed that 89% of faculty were satisfied with their experience with Canvas. 71% found Canvas easy to use and learn. 89% were satisfied with the reliability that comes with this platform. The main aspects that were put in the center of attention during the evaluation were:  How easy it is to use,  Reliability,  Service and support it provides,  Performance and functionality,  Possibility and ability to explore valueadded options,  Competitive pricing. Final decision: They decided to choose Canvas as their Learning Management Platform. “Now that we have an advanced learning management system, our goals are to continually increase usage among faculty and those already using Canvas—and to continue to take advantage of the features and updates to do an even better job of supporting our students.“ – Snowdon, Lethbridge College. References: 2020. Professional Development For Teachers | Canvas Software. Available at: increasing-achievement/professional-learning. 2020. Lethbridge College | Case Study | Canvas. Available at: https://www. Us, D., 2020. Docebo LMS Docebo. Available at: Kahoot!. 2020. Kahoot! | Learning Games | Make Learning Awesome!. Available at: https:// 2020. Stephen Reid (@Immersivemind) On Twitter. Available at: https://twitter. com/ImmersiveMind. Minecraft: Education Edition. 2020. Homepage | Minecraft: Education Edition. Available at: Al-Fraihat, D., Joy, M., Masa’deh, R. and Sinclair, J., 2020. Evaluating E-learning systems success: An empirical study. Computers in Human Behavior, 102, pp.67-86. chb.2019.08.004. Catherall, P., 2005. Delivering E-Learning For Information Services In Higher Education. pp.1-20. Sanchez, D., Langer, M. and Kaur, R., 2020. Gamification in the classroom: Examining the impact of gamified quizzes on student learning. Computers & Education, 144, p.103666. https:// Van Roy, R. and Zaman, B., 2018. Need-supporting gamification in education: An assessment of motivational effects over time. Computers & Education, 127, pp.283-297. Hamari, J., 2019. Gamification. The Blackwell Encyclopedia of Sociology, pp.1-3. https://doi. org/10.1002/9781405165518.wbeos1321.