The Teacher 187

24 The Teacher  1-2 (187) 2022 Methods Practice phase Complete the sentences with suitable proverbs mentioned above. ❶ ‘Be careful how you use that chisel. It’s very sharp and may slip.’ ‘I’ve been working with it for ages! Don’t _______________________.’ ❷ ‘You’ve absolutely ruined my new dress by spilling that soup over it.’ ‘It’s only a tiny stain, which can soon be got out. For heaven’s sake_______________________!’ ❸ Jim works too much. He says he wants to_______________________. He says he’ll slow down once he’s become rich. ❹ Don’t be so rude to her. Would you like her to call you stupid? Then ______________________ ! ❺ Hey, please _______________________ — it makes me uncomfortable. I really don’t need to know so much about your private problems. ❻ To invite all your relatives and friends to your wedding before you have arranged things with the vicar is to_______________________. ❼ What’s done is done. _______________________. ❽ Why are you begging to drive my car to school next Monday when you still need to take your license test in the morning? _______________________, son! ❾ I know you love Harvard, but_______________________—make sure to apply to several other schools too. ❿ Guests, like fish, begin to smell after three days. So _______________________ at your father’s friend’s cottage. ❯❯❯