The Teacher 187

26 The Teacher  1-2 (187) 2022 Methods ❯❯❯ For example: at the weekend the nice weather wasn’t he work on Sundays often doesn’t Say Something Nice Day, 1 June An excellent occasion for team-building activities. A class raffle A teacher prepares pieces of paper with the names of the students. A name on a piece of paper. Students sit in a circle. Everyone picks a ticket and writes something nice about the chosen person on the reverse. The teacher collects the papers at random and reads the information. The students have to guess who the described person is. At the end, all lottery tickets come to the container again and the teacher picks one. The student whose name is on the piece of paper, as well as the one who wrote something nice about him or her get a price. A sticker, bookmark or candy will do. Read a Book Day, 6 September encourages to turn a few pages, pay a visit to a school or local library, do some research and prepare a presentation on your favourite author or… start a class book club with the onset of a new school year. The project can last the whole semester or even school year. Improve your listening skills with a weird day podcast No matter what unusual holiday you want to make use of in your class, you can exercise and expand your students’ listening skills with (latest access 8th January 2022). Be it a Pet Obesity Day, 12 October, Sandwich Day, 3 November, Ugly Christmas Sweater Day, third Friday in December, National Day Radio provides an interesting story, curious facts and traditions behind peculiar celebrations. There is plenty to choose from as the site is regularly updated and archived. There is a myriad of funny days you can refer to in class for your particular teaching point. The sky is the limit. Actually, Look Up in the Sky Day is on 14 April and Make Up Your Own Holiday Day is on 26 March. Useful webpages: Answer key: The weather wasn’t nice at the weekend. He doesn’t often work on Sunday.