The Teacher 187

27 The Teacher  1-2 (187) 2022 Technology Tips              Online learning – drown or soar? Maria Pogwizd When the Coronavirus started, everyone was surprised. At the beginning we didn’t know how to deal with it, now we don’t know when, or if ever, it’s going to end. What’s more, we are not certain if we’ll survive it. One of the most noticeable changes the Coronavirus caused was switching to online learning, which has still been going on and on. We had to convert our home places into fully equipped classrooms or offices overnight. What it triggered and how we can benefit from some of its consequences? Those are now the key questions we need to be able to answer. Switching from something that has always been certain and enduring into a totally new thing can be tough. The school we knew became a dangerous place. The friends we had unknowingly became our enemies. And yet, we had to adjust to this situation. There is no point in fighting it. We were made to Maria Pogwizd Marysia – incurable optimist and dreamer. She sees advantages in everything she does. She loves life very much. When she grows up she wants to become a journalist and a translator. She loves travelling that is why her biggest dream is to travel around the world. So far she has been to 16 countries in two continents. Currently, she is studying French in a bilingual high school in Poland. She’s been learning English since she was three years old. Learning languages makes her happy which is the most important thing in life.              ❯❯❯