The Teacher 187

28 The Teacher  1-2 (187) 2022 Technology Tips ❯❯❯ stay at home with our computers and lots of free time. That’s when we were faced with two choices: spend this time, or wasted it. Unfortunately, statistically most of students have chosen the second option. Obviously there are multiple reasons for that. First of them: it’s easier to do nothing. The occasion to live more effortlessly while not neglecting your work is really rare and appealing. We can sit in track suits and eat junk food while working. It’s like a dream came true for many of us. Since this lifestyle is so common, we allowed ourselves to spend the entire days scrolling through social media and eat chips from the bag. I have an impression that due to this pandemic being messy has become fashionable. For some reason people are willing to believe that taking care of yourself in your not working day is useless. As in everything there are two sides. Not everyone likes changes. Most of people had to reorganize their entire lives and that could be overwhelming. I have a feeling that we, the students, were left on our own. We had to learn how to use new software and different programs. Nobody taught us that, because simply nobody had predicted something like a global pandemic. They say we live in a digital era, which means it shouldn’t concern us. But we also have problems with it. It was really stressing and frustrating. In addition with staying alone, without friends, external help, any information or certainty, it all could lead to awful consequences. Being lonely with the entireworld fighting against the virus can cause constant fear, anxiety or even depression. In the world full of chaos, we as teenagers need some information, explanation, assurance and certainly a big hug. Digital era has become a disinformation era. We don’t know what and who to believe. There are thousands of questions and fears. We need leaders, and I feel like we lost them at school at the very moment we sat over the computer.