The Teacher 155

29 The Teacher  1 (155) 2018 Teaching Challenge              1 * 3 * 1 1 article * 3 recommendations * 1 challenge Do less to achieve more with … tech Elżbieta Kozioł, Klara Małowiecka, Gosia Mróz, Beata Palińska Series Editor: Milada Krajewska 1 Try chanting “ICT (Information and Com- munications Technology) for ELT!” in the staffroom. Andwait for the reaction. There will probably be as many tech savvy teach- ers singing its praises as those voicing scath- ing criticism. Which team would you support? In fact, a lot of these reactions are emotional - heart over mind. How often does our approach to ICT in teaching depend on how much we enjoy using new apps and devices? How frequently does our attitude to technology in the classroom reflect whether or not we are ready to embrace change and adopt new habits? Is the debate really about teaching and tech? Or is it more about us (as individuals) and tech? Perhaps taking a more rational look at tech in the classroom (be it offline or online) fares bet- ter: If an app helps you and your students do less to achieve better learning results , then ICT deserves accolades. If it doesn’t, think twice. Do less to achieve more In the context of lesson planning and teaching, the slogan “Less is more!” can be badly and widely misunderstood. Some would take it as a populist appeal for improvised, unplanned teaching. Well, would you trust a doctor who doesn’t plan his/her surgery? Would you pay a lawyer who spends 5 minutes preparing for the trial? ❯❯❯