The Teacher 187

29 The Teacher  1-2 (187) 2022 Technology Tips              People say this situation is just temporary. We cheer one another up saying that maybe within days things will get back to normal. But it’s been almost two years and so wanted “coming by to the normality” hasn’t happen yet. I guess we have to accept what our new everydayness is. We can just accept what is inevitable and take as much as we can from it. On-line learning gave us a lot: opportunities, ideas, creativity and what’s the most precious – a lot of time. First time since ages we weren’t fully controlled in school. We could genuinely do whatever we wanted. Instead of playing and entertaining, it was the perfect time to focus on and develop ourselves in many ways. We finally had time to read all the books we ever wanted. We could find a new passion or make new friends. We could learn and develop new skills or start a new business. All without leaving the house and wasting priceless time on public transport, walking, standing in queues or being distracted by unexpected turn of events. Also, on-line learning allowed us to reevaluate our attention to things that are important to us. What I want to focus on? What is my real goal in life? What brings me the happiness? And what are my dreams? After answering these questions we simply have to make it real. Start doing what we love and start making our dreams come true. On-line learning was a perfect time to do that. Everything has changed. Maybe it’s the best time to change our habits and eliminate our distractions so we can become the best versions of ourselves? By being a high-school student who just started the “high-school learning” journey when the coronavirus hit I claim it was the best thing that could happen to me. When everything was falling apart or sadly dying I was growing and starting to live for real – fully aware and focused on my well being. Two years ago we had to make a decision weather this situation will destroy us or cause a real awakening. It wasn’t easy. The process of change is usually a never ending hustle but then it turns into something beautiful. The Coronavirus situation is not over yet which means it’s still not too late to bring the positive change to our lives and take advantages of the unfortunate situations whatever those will ever be.