The Teacher 187

3 The Teacher  1-2 (187) 2022 Focus Series              Focus on… L and L Susan Holden ‘L and L’ ? What on earth is that? Well, as we are still near the beginning of this new year, it seemed relevant to go back to basics for this article. Where are we now? What do we want to do this year? What will be the same or different from last year, or the years before that? And how much control do we really have over what we can do, inside or outside the teaching situation? Finding a focus Coincidentally, I had already gone through much the same thought processes ten days earlier, while planning a webinar for IATEFL Poland. This had the initial title of ‘Beginning Again – What’s Changed?. On reflection, that Susan Holden Susan was originally trained to teach drama and English in UK schools, but after spending time in Paris researching French mediaeval theatre, working in a London advertising agency selecting props and clothes for photoshoots, ironing shirts at the Arts Theatre (in the hope of becoming a theatre director), she transferred her original training to teaching in Italy and then Canada. A mixed career followed of editing a teachers’ magazine (MET), collaborating with the British Council on various training programmes, running a small publishing company (MEP), working as publishing director for Macmillan ELT until it was sold to a US company, setting up her own company (again) to produce and publish materials for Central Europe and then Latin America ... and is currently running the smallest publishing company, Swan Communication, from Scotland with one employee: herself. This mixed trajectory is the basis for this series of articles.              ❯❯❯