The Teacher 187

30 The Teacher  1-2 (187) 2022 Technology Tips Using podcasts in the EFL classroom Violetta Tarnowska Podcasts are original audio shows usually consisting of individual episodes on a variety of topics. Not only are they popular source of entertainment, they can be a great teaching tool as well. Their main advantage is that they are easily accessible, mostly free of charge and millions of people around the world can enjoy them any time any place. For some reason podcasts as a teaching tool have not gained a stable position in an English language classroom so far. Certainly, Violetta Tarnowska As a full time teacher, she teaches English as a foreign language and Polish to students aged 13-16 and incorporates into her lessons the subject of the Holocaust and Jewish tradition. She also discusses tolerance, human rights and the problems of exclusion in her regular classes. More recently, she attended a number of courses and teacher trainings both in the USA and in Poland on the Holocaust, resolving conflicts and the refugee crisis. Her ambition is to be a teacher who really “makes a difference” with a lasting impression on her students, making them better citizens of their society and the world.             