The Teacher 187

34 The Teacher  1-2 (187) 2022 Technology Tips ❯❯❯ materials and then complete their “homework” at school in small groups or individually under the teacher’s supervision. A number of new approaches in ELT have emerged due to digital technology in facilitating learning and teaching the language in recent years - digital workbooks, learning platforms, paperless textbooks, cloud-based databases just to name a few. What is more, they have gained popularity due to Covid-19 pandemic and distance learning it necessitated. Let us open our minds, let us not hesitate to incorporate themintoour classes, let us not feel overwhelmed and uneasy with their richness and amount, let us give them a chance since it is absolutely vital to reach to our students’ needs and expectations nowadays and most of all, to teach the language effectively. A list of idioms and expressions taken from by courtesy of Shana Thompson  to cut corners - to take on a task in the easiest way, with little time or effort, to ignore the rules;  to jog someone’s memory - to stimulate someone’s memory;  to blow someone’s mind - informal, to be ecstatic, surprised, etc.;  from rags to riches - when someone rises from poverty and becomes wealthy, to become successful usually in a very short period of time;  to get over sth - to accept a situation that is difficult, to come to terms with sth;  to give someone the taste/a dose of his/ her own medicine - to receive the same mistreatment you have given to others, feel exactly the way other person feels;  to walk all over someone, e. g. she walked all over me - to treat someone in a very bad way disregarding their emotions, to take advantage of someone;  bear with me - when you want to ask someone politely to be patient with you, when you need some extra time to do something, hold on;  it’s not rocket science - it is easy/not difficult/not challenging, it does not require any particular knowledge or skills to do something;  to show someone’s true colors - to reveal who you really are, what your character is really like;