The Teacher 187

36 The Teacher  1-2 (187) 2022 CLIL In favour of content-enhanced language teaching Aleksandra Wiszka Zaparucha CLIL Matters Aleksandra Wiszka Zaparucha Geography and English teacher from Toruń, Poland, with 30 years of experience in Geography and EFL teaching, teacher training, translating, examining and materials writing, including 20 years of CLIL. She has worked extensively in Poland and abroad (UK, France, Albania, Qatar, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Kazakhstan, China). In 2014 her geography workbook for lower secondary ‘Earth and People 1’ was nominated for the British Council ELTons Award in the category of Local Innovation and in 2016 she was the winner of the award as a Tigtag CLIL team member. She regularly contributes to EFL magazines, both online and traditional, and presents at national and international conferences.              The politics of languages Education, including the languages of instruction and the availability of additional languages in the school system, has always been a highly political undertaking. I experienced it growing up behind the Iron Curtain: in Poland, as across the other states in the orbit of the Soviet Union, teaching and