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37 The Teacher  1 (155) 2018 Teaching Challenge               Reduce distractions.  Set the challenge right – make students think.  Give your students autonomy to make time for quality monitoring and feedback.  Enjoy the process! If you feel like stretching your creative muscles even further, check our online and face-to- face courses for novice and seasoned teachers (CELTA, Delta Module 1, TKT CLIL Primary, Teach Kids for YLE Tests): This is your magazine. We want to hear from you! IT WORKS IN PRACTICE Do you have ideas you’d like to share with teaching colleagues? Tips, techniques and activities; simple or sophisticated; well-tried or innovative; something that has worked well for you? All published contributions receive a prize! E-mail us: T a l k b a c k ! Do you have something to say about an article in the current issue of The Teacher ? This is your magazine and we would really like to hear from you. E-mail us: Reviewing for The Teacher Would you like to review books or other teaching materials for The Teacher? We are always looking for people who are interested in writing reviews for us. Please e-mail us: for advice and a copy of our guidelines for reviewers. You will need to give your postal address and say what areas of teaching you are most interested in. Writing for The Teacher Would you like to write for The Teacher ? We are always interested in new writers and fresh ideas. For guidelines and advice, e-mail us: Visit The Teacher website! The Teacher website is packed with practical tips, advice, resources, information and selected articles. You can submit tips or articles, renew your subscription or simply browse the features.