The Teacher 187

4 The Teacher  1-2 (187) 2022 Focus Series ❯❯❯ sounded a bit too generalised and impersonal. I decided to start planning the content, in the expectation that an appropriate title would emerge. Later, looking at the rough notes and possible sections, something ‘clicked’. The title of this article should contain ‘language’, of course - (that is central to our professional world) – but also ‘life’, because that affects both language and ourselves. I decided to use those two words as the framework, looking at them in relation to five different and overlapping areas: Climate Change, Language, People, Projects, Teacher Support. Some of these have already appeared here in ‘The Teacher’ in the ‘Focus on...’ series. This was an opportunity to go back to them, to think further, ... and see what was still relevant, and could still be used, at the beginning of this new – and hopefully different – year. Only one question remained: ‘Language and Life’ or ‘Life and Language’? Which comes first? Which one affects the other? I decided this might become clear when the actual content was drafted. For the moment, it would be ‘L and L’. As you can tell, it is easy when preparing a talk or an article, to get distracted... Here is how the five areas developed. L and L 1. Language L and L 2. Climate Change L and L 3. Projects L and L 4. Training Courses L and L 5. People THOUGHT 1 L and L1: Language We have discussed the ways in which the Covid-19 developments have been affecting our use of language. Words and phrases such as ‘Keep safe’, ‘Social distancing’, ‘Please wear your mask’, ‘Maximum 3 people’ have become common in English and in most other language and cultural contexts. There has been an effect on language because of what has