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44 The Teacher  1-2 (187) 2022 Grammar Mind-mapping technique as a powerful tool for teaching and learning grammar Anna Cetnarowska Introduction The aim of this article is to present mindmapping technique as being a powerful tool for supporting students in learning grammar and remembering grammar rules. The effective way of teaching and learning grammar is a very important issue, as the ability to construct correct sentences is crucial in language proficiency. Without adequate grammar knowledge, the students are unable to produce correct utterances. Furthermore, knowledge of grammar enables the students not only to write and speak properly but also to comprehend written or spoken texts. Having good knowledge of the grammar system accelerates language learning. Even though grammar plays such an important role, many students find it confusing and difficult to comprehend. Anna Cetnarowska Anna is a lecturer at the Institute of Foreign Languages in Państwowa Wyższa Szkoła Zawodowa in Nowy Sącz. She graduated from the Jagiellonian University (MA in English philology). She is interested in current trends in English language teaching and Content and Language Integrated Learning.             