The Teacher 187

48 The Teacher  1-2 (187) 2022 Culture English language teachers, who began an overseas odyssey in the early 1990s, were already perhaps familiar with the boon and blessing of the magic of what then passed for modern technology in the age of the computer. However, the advent of the PCT, that is, personal computer terminal, suggested that IT represented an artificial intelligence (AI) with interests other than the health of the human. IT is Information Technology, and the PC humanity’s heart monitor. Where PC is interpretable as ‘policeman’, PC is cancer, and our terminal relationship with IT tells us how much time we have left. IT came from outer space Dr Robin Usher Dr Robin Usher Dr Robin Usher wrote `Jungian Archetypes: Robert A. Heinlein`, PhD thesis at Hull University, England, 1992; Trinity College, London, TESOL Certificate, 1995. Taught English language in England, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Oman, Libya, Turkey,Azerbaijan, andChina. ELT article, ‘Learning to Study’, Hungarian Institute for Educational Research (HIER), Educatio (3), 1995. SF writer, e.g., ‘All For Naught Orphan Ufonaut’, Shelter of Daylight (2010), and critic, e.g., Foundation, ‘Robert A. Heinlein: Theologist?’ (54); `Male And Female He Created Them Both: Beyond The Archetypes` (112), and ‘Zippo Marx’, Cinema Journal (CINEJ), Vol.6, 1, 2017.             