The Teacher 187

52 The Teacher  1-2 (187) 2022 Culture In Kyrgyzstan (see Figure 2), for example, at a Kadamjay city school, Batken region, founded in 1993 and named ‘Semetey’ after the son of the legendary hero, Manas (see Figure 3), in the poet Sayakbair Karalayev’s Epic of Manas, though equipped with a Lenovo laptop, the smartboard required an HDMI portal. The problem was resolved by the lyceum’s IT expert obtaining a USB dongle with a feminine HDMI connection that could be plugged into the laptop to accept the male HDMI smartboard plug in, so facilitating the showing of Solutions Upper Intermediate - with audio - to the audience sitting expectantly at their desks. However, aged 60, and pretty well near totally assassinated by IT years before, my gratitude in September 2021 was indeed wry, as the opening lines of the epic, originally part of an oral tradition, written down in the 18th century, and detailing Manas’ birth, came unbidden to my brain, troubled yet again by an all boys’ school, this time in Asia: ‘A sound of screaming rang out, and everyone rushed To see, Was it a boy or girl? When his mother saw Manas’ penis, she so glad She swooned.’1 Arriving at the capital city Bishkek’s airport, named for Manas, the humble traveler isn’t normallyaware that ‘Manas’, translated literally, is ‘God’ to the Kyrgyz. Taking a further plane to Osh city, lasting above an hour, after an eight hour flight from Ferenc Liszt airport, Ferihegy, Budapest, Hungary, there was a further two hour journey through the mountains by car, before those peaked fastnesses that would hem me in all around, and throughout the winter, became visible. If the SARS 2 coronavirus, emerging at the local hospital, not far from architects’, Sasaki Associates, Inc., projected 15.3 billion RMB Figure 3 ❯❯❯