The Teacher 187

59 The Teacher  1-2 (187) 2022 Young Learners              10 websites to support teaching kids online Monika Bigaj-Kisała Isn’t it funny, one week everything is OK, and the next week, we’re all online, kids and adults alike, students, parents and teachers, looking for guidance and support in a new environment. And once you get used to teaching adults, boom! Now, go and switch your younger students online! We can do it, I’m sure – children need their routine maintained, and English classes are ❯❯❯ a part of their everyday life. Besides, even online they will be able to keep in touch with their teacher and friends, and that’s something they really need during social isolation. I encourage you to continue working with your course books as if nothing happened – listen to audio files, read stories, do exercises in workbooks etc. and once you feel comfortable, you may use some extra activities. Monika Bigaj-Kisała Monika is a teacher, a director of studies, and a teacher trainer. She's created two courses for children, Przedszkolaki Bystrzaki (STEAMbasedworkshops) and Lion's Team (ESL course for kindergartens). She writes on her webpage That is Evil ( for EFL teachers interested in CPD and using creative ideas in the classroom.             