The Teacher 187

60 The Teacher  1-2 (187) 2022 Young Learners ❯❯❯ I want to share with you 10 websites you may use in your online classes with the youngest students. Just remember to use one at a time – they are supposed to be a nice addition, you don’t have to plan your lesson to be the best online class ever – give yourself some time to feel comfortable with what you do. British Council LearnEnglish Kids: a YouTube channel where you can find:  movies to watch  instructions and tutorials  songs  nursery rhymes  animated fairy tales British Council LearnEnglish Teens is a YouTube channel for older children. You will find here:  video recordings of authentic situations  texts for reading exercises  worksheets  grammar explanations English Singsing is a YouTube channel for the youngest ESL students. You will find here:  nursery rhymes  dialogues  exercises that resemble rap songs, focusing on correct pronunciation Rock ‘N Learn is a YouTube channel with movies and songs not only in English. You will find here:  materials for children from toddler to elementary school  lullabies  videos with simple Maths exercises  videos of simple scientific experiments Pinkfong! Songs and stories for children is the YouTube channel that became famous for the song “Baby Shark”. You will find here:  fairy tales  bedtime stories  songs  materials on a healthy lifestyle for children