The Teacher 155

60 The Teacher  1 (155) 2018 LearningTechnologies Magdalena Fijalkowska Magda dreamed of becoming an English teacher when she was a child, and so she did. When she grew up, she worked as a teacher, manager or director of studies with e.g., IH Kraków, UEC-Bell in Warsaw, Eurocentres, Macmillan and Pearson, Stafford House. Since 2007, she’s been running NaukaBezGranic, offering schools multicultural workshops and theatre shows performed in English. Check out to find out more.              QUIZLET Magdalena Fijalkowska The students will think you are great. Magdalena Fijalkowska This new series of Nauka Bez Granic articles for The Teacher will be devoted to Learning Technologies. It will be, to a great extent, inspired by the Learning Technologies in the EAP course, which I am currently doing on-line at Sheffield University; highly recommended and worth every penny spent. Of course, my students also inspired me. Learning Technologies is about change: teaching less and shifting the student’s focus onto their own learning. In the right hands, with our enlightened guidance, the new tools will make students’ learning into great fun and guarantee faster progress. New routines will be formed. We are a strange family I do realise we are a strange family. This is what our home may look like on some of the days. Iggy, 24 has just come back to Poland for a week and he is meeting his friend, Rudy. Rudy and Iggy are catching up while Iggy at the same time is revising some Spanish vocab