The Teacher 187

61 The Teacher  1-2 (187) 2022 Young Learners              Games to Learn English is a page where you can find:  games  vocabulary exercises  spelling bee  reading comprehension exercises English for Kids is a site where you can find:  explanations and grammar exercises for children  worksheets to print  exercises with typical expressions in a natural context  comics Super Simple is a page where you can find:  songs  animations  colouring pages, worksheets and games to print  ideas for games and activities at home  inspirations for projects Cambridge Activities for children is a page where you can find:  exercises for A1-A2 language levels  songs  reading exercises  grammar and vocabulary tasks British Council Learning Kids is a site where you can find:  movies  reading and writing exercises  spelling bee  games  materials to print I believe what we can do, is to create a friendly environment and go with the flow. Let’s relax a bit, chill with the class discipline, use the coursebook but leave some time to chat – it’s the time when building relations is more important than learning new words. Stay safe! Learn English Kids