The Teacher 155

63 The Teacher  1 (155) 2018 LearningTechnologies              Limitations The truth is, as with all things in life, that after a while you no longer want to use the tool in the classroom. But this creates space for new tools, while leaving students with a newly formed habit of spending less time on Facebook and more time learning a new language, when travelling on public transport. Quizlet with kids groups My kids’ group: teenagers, they are 13 and life sucks. Their parents make them go to those classes in the afternoon, on top of other classes and activities and homework. They need more sleep. Bartek is always depressed. Marta is tired. Gosia is shy. Kacper is hyperactive. One thing they have in common- they do not mind quizlet, they will help create quizzes, there are even moments when they suffer less. They probably do not think the teacher is amazing, but it is all bearable. Just about. Quizlet with bankers I have several groups at one of the big banks. The bank’s stuff need the whole chunks of language to meet the needs of their international clients via the call centre, face to face or in on-line chats. We feed quizlet with loads of pre-fabricated chunks such as ‘You can get 5% of the money spent back if you use this credit card’. The lesson is only 60 minutes, but the students leave with banks of language stored on quizlet, that they can go back to, listen to, repeat after and make faster progress. The spirits are high, the teacher is very professional General adult groups The students seem to appreciate our quizlet sessions. A bit of a boost to learn vocabulary. Many do it on regular basis but if I feel they did not work much in-between classes, then we can do 5 minutes of revision in pairs, and the routine is restored. How to keep the group busy so that you can have individual tutorials One to one tutorials are a good way to give students a chance to reflect on their progress and show them a little individual attention. What about the group though? Get them to work with quizlet! Below you will see a ready- made handout with instructions for students. You can give a copy of the tasks on to your group, and take care of the individuals the rest of the class. Smart phone grammar and vocabulary revision lesson This is a revision lesson for you. You are working without the teacher today, but it will be fun! And you get to use your smartphone. If you have no smartphone, all you need is a friend! While the teacher is talking to some of you individually, here is what you (the group) do: ❶ Get into pairs, as you will need to work with a partner during the class. ❷ Get together as a group for 5 minutes, look at the last two units in the book, and assign 2-3 pages from the book to each pair. ❸ Each pair of you, students, will prepare a quiz, for yourselves and the rest of the group. ❹ Get your phone and find and register. ❺ Together with your partner, choose vocabulary or a grammar point from the pages you have been assigned. This can come from grammar exercises, or from a text, or from a listening script at the end of the book. ❻ Using prepare flashcards e.g.: IRREGULAR VERBS VOCABULARY ❼ Then you can swap phones or send email quiz link to other students in the group, and do other quizzes ❽ In the last 5 minutes of the class make sure you email your quiz link to your teacher, who will then email everyone in the group all the links, so that you can practise when you are on a bus or bored