The Teacher 187

8 The Teacher  1-2 (187) 2022 Culture A Great British Freedom Fighter: Hereward the Wake Michael Czajkowski Michael Czajkowski Michael lives in England. His father was Polish and his mother English. He lectures on geography, geology, and planetary science for the Open University. He formally worked with Nottingham University where he also taught historical geography and related subjects. He has an interest in Polish geography and history and the use of geography and English in bilingual teaching.              In the past the Fens were often a good hiding place for outlaws. The Fens were a large low lying marshy area in the central eastern part of England where several large rivers flow into the North Sea via the Wash Gap. Today they are drained and are an important low lying, flat agricultural region but they were only finally drained from a swampy, marshy area about 150 years ago. In the 10th century AD, whilst the coast line was fringed with salt marsh, inland there was a huge area of shallow fresh water marsh, with lakes, swamps and small islands of alder and willow standing out above the reeds (Fig. 1). Travellers could easily get lost without a guide and drown. Despite that, at this time, the area supported the greatest density of population in the country outside of London.